What to Expect When You Take Your Car In for Tyre and Wheel Servicing

By continuously turning while you are driving, your car's tyres and wheels make it possible for you to travel wherever you need to go. However, your tyres and wheels bear the most brunt of everyday driving and will need to be taken for servicing on a periodic basis. If you would like to familiarise yourself with what happens when you take your car to the car servicing centre or mechanic shop for tyre and wheel servicing, keep reading on:

Tyre Inspection

Your car tyres are the primary point of physical contact between your car and the ground or road surface at all times. As the wheels turn, the tyres rub against the surface of the road or ground, and this causes them to slowly wear and tear over time.

When you drive your car down to the auto service centre for tyre and wheel servicing, one of the things that will be checked is the physical condition of your tyres. If your tyres are found to be excessively worn out, you will be advised to replace them. Minor tyre damage will be repaired so that your tyres are back running safely again. 

Another thing that will be checked is your tyre pressure. This is a fairly easy job that is usually performed to ensure that your tyres are properly inflated. Tyre pressure is often the last thing checked before you can drive off with your car.

Wheel Alignment

Tyres and wheels are designed to work together. However, wheels can be thrown out of alignment because of a myriad of reasons, including hitting potholes, hitting kerbs, running over speed bumps, heavy collisions caused by road accidents, normal physical wear of parts, etc. Riding on misaligned wheels poses a road safety hazard but also shortens the lifespan of tyres.

You mechanic will make sure to check the alignment of your wheels so that they can perform wheel alignment service if need be. Properly aligned wheels ensure driver and passenger safety, as well as the safety of other road users.

Wheel Balance

Your wheels not only need to be properly aligned but also correctly balanced to ensure safe travel. When the wheels are not properly balanced, drivers tend to feel strong vibrations while they are driving, especially at high speeds. This can make vehicle rides rather bumpy and uncomfortable.

To correct the imbalances and minimise the effect of the vibrations, wheel balancing service will be performed. Wheel balancing involves distributing the weight of the entire wheel assembly in such a way that ensures each wheel rotates smoothly while you are driving at various speeds.

To ensure you get proper tyre and wheel servicing, make sure you find an accredited auto service centre.