3 Truck Problems That Are Easy to Misdiagnose

It's easy to misdiagnose the cause of a problem you're having with your vehicle, as many different parts will affect a vehicle's steering, braking, performance, and overall handling. You may also hear noises from one part of the vehicle and assume that it's a part in that area that is failing and causing that noise, when a completely different part may be in need of repair. Note a few tips for finding and addressing truck problems that are easy to misdiagnose, so you don't waste time and money on unnecessary repairs.


A damaged fan belt is a common reason for squealing sounds when you first star the truck, but an alternator and power steering belt can also make this noise when they fail. If the sound is coming from the area under the hood, in the centre rather than the front of your truck, and if you hear it more often when you change lanes or turn a corner, the belt to the power steering pump is probably the culprit.

If the sound is coming from somewhere near the tyres, this often means bad bearings; these parts that allow a wheel to turn left and right, rather than moving only forward and backward. When the bearings go bad, they will also squeal when you change lanes or turn. Consider where and when you hear this squealing noise, rather than assuming it's only the fan belt acting up.

Truck stuck in park

If you cannot shift the truck out of park, don't assume you need a new transmission. Most vehicles have a cable that connects the brake pedal to the transmission; as a safety precaution, you need to be pressing the brake pedal and engaging this cable for the vehicle to shift out of park. If this cable is broken, your truck won't sense that you're applying the brakes, and it will stay stuck in park.

Failing battery

It's not unusual for truck owners to add heavy-duty electrical accessories to their vehicle, without upgrading the battery as well. If you have a winch that you regularly use for landscaping or when off-roading, if you've installed large fog lights, or if you have upgraded the fuel pump for better combustion and performance, any of these pieces may be draining an old battery. Opt for a battery with a larger capacity and that will deliver more power to your truck with any add-ons, and this should keep that battery functional and operational.

If you're still unsure of what's wrong with your truck, contact services that provide truck parts to learn more.