The Benefits of Having a Car's Engine Rebuilt

Rebuilding a car's engine is not as expensive as you might assume, and it can be the best choice for repairing or upgrading an older car, or any car with severe engine damage. If you've thought about engine rebuilding, note a few  benefits of this work and why it may be the right thing for your classic car, aging car, or damaged car.

Better performance

An aging engine, or a newer engine that has been damaged but which still runs, may struggle to perform as it should. The engine may not have much pickup, or may consume far more fuel than it should. It may also struggle to maintain higher speeds, or tend to stall out when idling.

Not only do these problems make driving very difficult and cumbersome, but these issues can continue to put excessive wear and tear on that engine, so that it is more likely to fail altogether. Rebuilding the engine can mean better fuel economy, better handling, and better overall performance.

Heightened safety

An older engine or one that has suffered damage may be more likely to simply seize up, as it may run very hot, have oil leaks, have damaged pistons, and suffer other such problems that are not always readily visible. This can make your car very unsafe, especially for long commutes or when going on holiday. To ensure the engine is always in good repair, you might have it completely rebuilt and restored, with new parts that are durable sure to last.

It's good for the environment

If you're very eco-conscious, you may be concerned with the fumes and emissions created by any vehicle. An older vehicle may leak oil and burn more fuel in order to create combustion, so that it creates more emissions. A rebuilt engine won't leak oil and may require less fuel to create combustion, resulting in fewer emissions, so that it's more eco-friendly overall.

Rebuilding increases resale value

While a car's value is obviously determined by more than its engine, the engine is no doubt one of the most important things considered by potential buyers. If the car's engine is old or damaged, the car itself may have little value, even if the rest of the interior and exterior are in good condition. The money you might spend on rebuilding and restoring the engine can add value to the car, and you can earn back that money, if not even more, when you resell the car.