Spare Japanese Truck Parts Every Mechanic Should Keep on Hand

As a small mechanic shop, you will likely become very accustomed to working with the same car manufacturer brands over time. From time to time, however, you will likely run into instances where you will have a Japanese truck come in for repair. In these cases, you may find that certain Japanese truck parts are harder to find and have longer wait times on ordering than others. This means you will want to keep those parts on hand, and here are a few of them to consider.

Japanese Engines

You may want to keep a few of the more popular Japanese engines on hand as spare parts. The reason for this is that you may have an issue of your normal supplier being out of stock and having to order the engine from across the country or even overseas. Not only will this cause a huge delay in receiving the part, it can also be very expensive for shipping fees. This expense is passed on to your customer and can cause you prices to go up too far for the services.

Air and Oil Filters

One of the more common services you likely provide is air filter and oil filter cleaning and replacement. This means that you are more likely to run out of these parts first. This isn't a problem for more common parts or parts that are interchangeable. However, you may find that the air filters and oil filters for certain Japanese trucks are not interchangeable or generic. For this reason, try to have a few of each type on hand just in case you do get the odd filter part number that you would not have in stock or in local parts stores.

Gaskets, Hoses and Belts

You should always have some gaskets, hoses and belts for Japanese mini trucks on hand. These trucks are common in commercial and delivery use and can be used very frequently by smaller companies and delivery services. This means that gaskets, hoses and belts could see more wear than in other truck makes and models. By having these on hand you will be able to make a simple change out repair and allow the customer to get back to work faster.

By keeping these Japanese truck parts on hand as spares, you will be better able to complete certain repairs without an ordering hold time or other delay. As you go, you can add more parts to your list to obtain and keep on hand.