Manual Transmission: Understanding the Common Problems and Suitable Solutions

Manual transmission vehicles are favoured by drivers because they provide more control over the driving process in comparison to the automatic alternative. However, while this design can offer a rewarding driving experience, it might also present some unique functional problems. If you have noticed malfunctions in your manual transmission, you should consider this short discussion on common issues and practical methods for resolution. 

Clutch Slippage

The clutch is designed to allow the transfer of power from the vehicle engine to the transmission. Unfortunately, you might notice that the clutch slips when switching between the auto gears. When this happens, the engine will rev up. However, the vehicle will not move as expected. This problem indicates that the clutch is worn or out of adjustment. The most reliable way to resolve this issue is to replace the clutch.

  Shifting Gear Problems

If you are experiencing difficulties when shifting gears in your vehicle, you should have your vehicle examined by a mechanic. This process is beneficial because there are multiple issues which could result in this challenge. In most cases, the difficulty in shifting gears can be attributed to a damaged or worn component in the transmission. The best solution for this is rebuilding the transmission. Ideally, the entire system will be taken apart, inspected, repaired and then put back together. However, the transmission might not be necessarily the source of your shifting problems. The challenge could also be related to the use of the wrong transmission fluid in the vehicle. The liquid might interfere with the efficiency of shifting gears. You will need to have the transmission fluid flushed and replaced to restore optimal functionality. In some rare cases, there might be a bad gear in the vehicle causing trouble during the shifting process.

Sticking Clutch

If your clutch tends to go down after depressing but does not come up as expected, you should plan for immediate repairs. Clutch sticking often indicates that there is a significant external seal leak in the slave or master cylinder in the clutch system. Fortunately, this problem can be solved through the repair or replacement of the seal. If you are interested in replacing the seal without professional assistance, you should remember to bleed the air from the system to restore optimal functionality.

Manual transmission repair problems are typically complex and difficult to troubleshoot for individuals without experience in the auto field. Therefore, if you notice anomalies in your vehicle, you should choose expert assistance from a specialist auto technician.