Criteria for Choosing an Auto Service Workshop to Avoid Voiding Your New Car Warranty

Whether you are contemplating buying a new car or you already own one, you definitely won't want to forfeit the vehicle manufacturer's warranty, which protects you against vehicle defects and certain repair issues that may arise within a specified period. The best way to preserve the warranty is to ensure your new acquisition is serviced or repaired according to the manufacturer's requirements. 

While you are not bound to return your car to exactly the same dealership where you purchased it for routine servicing or repair, you should follow the following criteria when choosing your car service shop to ensure your new car warranty stands. 

Ensure your car is handled by fully qualified mechanics/auto service technicians

Though you have the freedom to choose who works on your car, it is down to you to ensure the mechanics or auto service technicians that handle the vehicle are fully trained and experienced. Untrained technicians are unlikely to perform car service or repair work to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications, thus increasing the risk of reduced vehicle performance and lifespan. Mark you, your vehicle manufacturer will not accept liability should anything go wrong because you let an incompetent person work on your vehicle. 

A good way to ensure you choose an auto service centre with proficient mechanics is to ask them for proof of accreditation by the relevant professional body. Trained and accredited mechanics will log if service is carried out to meet the exacting requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. This will go a long way towards protecting your vehicle manufacturer's warranty.

Ensure decent quality fluids and spare parts are used for performing car service or repair

Using substandard parts and products in the guise of original parts and products may lead to reduced vehicle performance. Worse still, substandard parts are likely to fail much sooner than expected. This will not only increase the frequency of car breakdowns but also lead to invalidation of your new car warranty. To ensure your new car is serviced or repaired to operate at peak efficiency, it is important to ensure your favoured auto service technician has access to fluids and spare parts that conform to quality standards of the original manufacturer. 

To protect your new car warranty from being rendered null and void, it is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty. This way, you will know how to choose the right auto service workshop for your car.