Do You Need a Protective Coating After Your Car is Painted in a Smash Repair? Here Are 3 Reasons Why the Answer is "Yes!"

If your car was in a smash-up that required major repair, repainting the damaged area (or even the whole vehicle) will probably be necessary. Whilst that new paint job will undoubtedly look great in the beginning, you need to consider what it might look like months or years down the road. One of the most effective ways to protect your car's paint job is to have your smash repairs provider add a protective coating immediately after the paint is applied. Read on to learn three reasons why paint protection is such a smart idea.

Disperses Motorway Debris

Whilst on the motorways, your car comes in contact with all manner of debris. From flying gravel to insects to dust, your car's paint job is attacked on a daily basis. When you have a paint protectant, your car is better able to repel these common hazards—and in fact, the paint won't even be touched thanks to the protective layer. Protective coating is slick, which makes it more difficult for insects or other random debris to adhere to it. It's also ultra-hard, which means that it's less likely to be dented by flying gravel. This can allow your car to avoid paint and minor dings for much longer than it otherwise would. 

Fights Against Fading

Your car is frequently exposed to considerable environmental damage simply by being exposed to the elements. The sun is the biggest culprit—and with the relentless Australian sun beating down every day, unprotected paint can quite quickly start to fade. It may simply become duller and paler, or the paint could become totally discoloured due to sun exposure. A paint protection coating atop your new paint job will prevent the sun's rays from reaching the paint, and will thus help prevent fading. Many paint protection coatings even have extra UV protection added to help repel the rays even better. 

Boosts the Beauty

Whilst the appearance of your car may not necessarily be your number one priority, it's still nice to know that your vehicle looks its best. A protective paint coating gives your vehicle that just-washed and waxed look—without the effort on your part. In most cases, cars that have a protective coating look shinier and sleeker than those that don't. It might even make people think you've got a new vehicle!

Talk to your smash repairs provider about protective paint coatings before your paint job is done. As you can see, the benefits are impressive and it's well worth the investment! For more information, contact companies like Dandy Smash Repairs.