3 Ways How You Can Tell That Your Vehicle Needs Panel Beating

Everyone buys their car with the hope that they will maintain it in perfect condition for many years. However, as time goes by and the miles increase, the vehicle will accumulate minor wear and tear. This damage will affect the body of the vehicle, the engine and also the chassis. The minor maintenance procedures done at the local mechanic's shop might also not be enough to handle the deeper wear and tear problems. Sometimes, minor accidents will also leave the vehicle with dents and wheel alignment issues that cannot be fixed unless you get professional panel beating services.

Here are three little signs that your vehicle needs quality panel beating and how to choose the right auto mechanic to do it.

Does Your Vehicle Pull to One Side When Driving?

A properly aligned and functional vehicle should be properly centred when you are driving on a straight road. The vehicle should also be stable on the road. If your vehicle keeps pulling to one side of the road, it is an indication that the wheel alignment is out of whack. 

Generally, vehicles have a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment. If your vehicle has a two-wheel alignment, the panel beaters will correct the two wheels to bring back alignment. On the other hand, if the vehicle has a four-wheel alignment, the panel beaters will have to correct both the front and the rear axles to bring back the vehicle's stability. Note that when the vehicle is left unstable, the possibility of an accident increases significantly.

Are Your Car's Tyres Wearing Out Unevenly?

The other sign that your vehicle might have wheel alignment issues is when some tyres seem to wear out faster than others. Generally, you are supposed to rotate the tyres every few kilometres to ensure they experience the same amount of friction on the road. If you have been rotating them regularly, but some are threaded while others look good as new, your vehicle might need quality panel-beating.

Is the Steering Wheel Crooked?

The steering wheel should always be in proper alignment. If the wheel is crooked, it could indicate that either the toe-angle is not within the specifications or that the steering wheel's components are worn out. However, panel beating can fix both issues, especially when you get an expert in panel beating services to do the job.

So, any time you notice any of the above signs, take your vehicle to a reliable and competent auto mechanic for panel beating. They will realign your vehicle and ensure your safety on the road is upheld.

For more information, contact a local panel beater.