Essential Tools for At-Home Car Servicing

Should you always visit a garage whenever you need your car serviced? Car owners ask the question a lot, and for good reasons. Professional car servicing is paramount if you want a vehicle to perform optimally for a long time. However, you need to set aside time and money for the most basic service, such as an oil filter change, tyre inspections and lights assessment, among others. The good news is that you can perform basic car servicing at home. That said, at-home car servicing requires specific equipment and supplies, as highlighted in this post.

LED Flashlight or Work Light — While the lights in your garage are enough to illuminate the room, you still need another source of light for at-home car servicing. The reason is that garage lights are fixed; therefore, you might not see some sections of your vehicle, especially under the hood. In this regard, you need to get an LED flashlight or work light. An LED work light illuminates every nook and cranny around your car, enabling you to see what you are dealing with. It is particularly the case when working under the bonnet. The best LED work lights are specially designed for car servicing and feature a magnet that allows you to attach them under the hood. It keeps your hands free to service your vehicle effectively.

Battery Carrier — Car batteries take a lot of beating, and failure to service them regularly can affect a vehicle's entire electrical system. You can service a car battery at home, but you might need to carry it out of its socket. Unfortunately, some car batteries weigh a ton and can hurt your back if wedged in tight spaces. Thus, a battery carrier should be part of the tools when conducting at-home car service. Thanks to its jaws and carrying strap, the accessory allows you to use less energy lifting a car battery. You can then clean a battery and its installation tray before using the carrier to load it back.

Vacuum Cleaner — Most car owners think a vacuum cleaner is only essential for interior cleaning. It is not true because a vacuum cleaner is also a vital piece of equipment in car servicing. Since a vacuum cleaner sucks dust, dirt, debris, liquids, and other particles, you can use it effectively under the hood. Notably, excess dust under the hood profoundly impacts engine performance. Although filters keep dirt and debris away from an engine, occasionally using a vacuum helps prolong the filter's service life. Vacuuming also helps reveal parts covered in dust for inspection.

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