5 Common Causes of Leaking Transmission Fluid

A transmission is responsible for intelligently directing power from the engine to the wheels, so it’s one of your vehicle’s most important systems. To run effectively, your transmission requires a healthy flow of clean transmission fluid. When there isn’t enough present, serious internal damage can occur and everyday performance can suffer. Low transmission fluid is often caused by a leak. If this occurs when the vehicle is parked, you may notice a bright red fluid with a noticeably sweet smell pooling beneath it, but fluid can also leak while you drive and go undetected.

Why a Faulty Ignition Relay Could Strand Your Car

A typical car contains a large number of electronic relays that are designed to regulate the flow of electricity. They are, in effect, master switches that isolate power when it’s not required and let it flow to the particular device as and when needed. One of these relays is very important and is linked to the ignition system. What could happen should this relay develop a fault, and how do you know when this happens?