Is Your Commercial Truck in Need of Repairs? Here are the Signs to Look Out For

As a commercial truck owner, your vehicle is undoubtedly a significant investment for you and an essential part of your livelihood. Investing in regular maintenance and repairs is crucial to keep your truck running efficiently and avoid expensive breakdowns. However, even with regular maintenance, trucks can still experience problems. This blog post will explore some common signs that your commercial truck may need repairs.  Check Engine Light If your truck’s check engine light turns on, it’s an indication that the onboard computer system has detected a problem with the engine, exhaust or transmission.

Everything You Need to Know About Car Tyre Repair

One of the most crucial parts of car maintenance is looking after your tyres. These rubber components not only give your vehicle a smooth ride but also ensure your safety on the road. However, no matter how well you take care of your tyres, sometimes they can become damaged. In such cases, tyre repair becomes necessary. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about car tyre repair.

Questions To Ask Your Panel Beater

A panel beater helps you align car panels and restore the vehicle’s appeal. An interview can help you determine which panel beater is best suited to repair your vehicle. This piece details a few questions to ask your panel beater before entrusting your car to them.   What Kind Of Repairs Do You Conduct?  Although you might need the panel beater to conduct light work such as straightening a panel, it is always wise to consider panel beaters who perform a wide range of repairs.

5 Common Causes of Leaking Transmission Fluid

A transmission is responsible for intelligently directing power from the engine to the wheels, so it’s one of your vehicle’s most important systems. To run effectively, your transmission requires a healthy flow of clean transmission fluid. When there isn’t enough present, serious internal damage can occur and everyday performance can suffer. Low transmission fluid is often caused by a leak. If this occurs when the vehicle is parked, you may notice a bright red fluid with a noticeably sweet smell pooling beneath it, but fluid can also leak while you drive and go undetected.

Why a Faulty Ignition Relay Could Strand Your Car

A typical car contains a large number of electronic relays that are designed to regulate the flow of electricity. They are, in effect, master switches that isolate power when it’s not required and let it flow to the particular device as and when needed. One of these relays is very important and is linked to the ignition system. What could happen should this relay develop a fault, and how do you know when this happens?

What Are the Signs of a Bad Automatic Clutch Mechanism?

Some people think that an automatic car does not have a clutch mechanism and that the vehicle will change gears magically by itself. Yet there is, of course, a sophisticated clutch mechanism inside the automatic transmission casing and from time to time, this can also fail. How do you know that you are encountering such problems and what could be going wrong? Looking After Your Transmission Even though an automatic transmission system is far more complex than a conventional one, they are nevertheless very reliable.

Why You Need to Take Care of Your Car's Heat Exchanger

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to keep your engine temperature under control, despite the extreme conditions inside? This engineering masterpiece is down to a relatively simple device fitted to the front of your car or truck and based on heat exchange principles. How does this work, and, importantly, why must you always maintain the system in good condition? Keeping Your Engine Cool While a technical term may be “

Why You Should Take Your Car to an Automatic Transmission Service if It's Leaking Transmission Fluid

There are a few different ways that you can tell if your car is leaking transmission fluid. You might have noticed a red and oily substance underneath your car, which can typically be distinguished as transmission fluid as compared to oil or other fluids. You might have checked your transmission fluid dipstick shortly after adding fluid, and you might suspect there is a leak. No matter why you think your car is leaking transmission fluid, this is not an issue that you should take lightly.

Essential Tools for At-Home Car Servicing

Should you always visit a garage whenever you need your car serviced? Car owners ask the question a lot, and for good reasons. Professional car servicing is paramount if you want a vehicle to perform optimally for a long time. However, you need to set aside time and money for the most basic service, such as an oil filter change, tyre inspections and lights assessment, among others. The good news is that you can perform basic car servicing at home.

Key Benefits of Mobile Roadworthy Inspections

Roadworthy inspections are mandatory when buying, selling, or re-registering a vehicle in Australia. Notably, you must have a car inspected by a qualified technician and pass each aspect of the evaluation to obtain a certificate. Notably, you can find licensed roadworthy inspection centres in most Australian cities. That said, mobile roadworthy inspections are also an option if you do not fancy traditional inspection centres. As the name suggests, mobile roadworthy inspections are performed at your premises.

Is Your Car's Starter the Root Cause for Your Need for Auto Electrical Repairs?

Your vehicle’s auto electrical system is a complex mechanism comprising components that all need to be operating in tandem for this system to function. However, since there is a multitude of components making up this system, it can be challenging to determine which auto part is defective once the auto electrics start to act up. Instead, of simply hoping that the auto electrics will start working at optimum on their own, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the potential symptoms that you will notice once your auto electrical system is compromised.

4 Questions You Should Ask an Auto Mechanic Before Engaging Them

When you are sick, you go to the doctor for treatment. You also ensure that you visit a trusted and experienced doctor to avoid getting worse health issues. Similarly, when your car has problems, you have to take it to the auto mechanic. And you cannot afford to take it to a random auto mechanic because the vehicle’s life depends on the quality of the service. Therefore, you need to ask a local mechanic a few questions before letting them handle your car.

Three Tell-Tale Signs That Your Car Has Electrical Problems

Every car has an electrical system that controls the battery, lights, and other accessories, and like any other part of your car, your electrical system can age, develop problems, and break down. This guide explains three simple signs that something is wrong with your car’s electrics. You’re Having Battery Issues If your car won’t start, a dead or damaged battery is a possible culprit. If you turn the key and the engine won’t start and none of the lights will come on, it’s likely that your battery is dead.

The Most Common Signs That Show Your Clutch Needs to Be Replaced

The more you drive and most especially on rough roads, the more your clutch gets damaged. However, it is not always easy to detect clutch problems. These issues range from a stiff clutch, slipping clutch and soft clutch. This article is going to give you some common signs that might necessitate a clutch replacement. The Clutch Is Slipping This problem is more noticeable when you are driving up a hill or transporting heavy loads.

Insurance Car Repair Tips

Insurance car repair can be a complicated process. More often than not, car owners do not know how to lodge a claim or follow up on the repair process. If you fall in this category, read the article below for some insurance car repair tips.  Reporting Your Claim Once your car gets into an accident, your first task should be to call your insurance company or agent. After this, the insurance company will require you to make a formal claim by visiting their offices or lodging a claim form on their website.

DIY Versus Professional Car Repairs

Car enthusiasts may often find themselves in a dilemma of whether to conduct DIY mechanical repairs or take their vehicles to a professional repair shop. While DIY repairs are widely available through the internet, you may need to go to a mechanical shop instead. Read this guide to know when to conduct DIY repairs and when to take your vehicle to a repair shop.  DIY Repairs DIY repairs are ideal for minor issues such as: 

3 Ways How You Can Tell That Your Vehicle Needs Panel Beating

Everyone buys their car with the hope that they will maintain it in perfect condition for many years. However, as time goes by and the miles increase, the vehicle will accumulate minor wear and tear. This damage will affect the body of the vehicle, the engine and also the chassis. The minor maintenance procedures done at the local mechanic’s shop might also not be enough to handle the deeper wear and tear problems.

Convenience, Comfort and Safety! Customise Your Trailer and Get All These

When you buy a trailer, it will come with stock features designed to meet your local safety requirements (that is if you have any) and your budget. The manufacturer has a better chance of keeping the price low if they fit ordinary equipment that can perform the basic functions. Thankfully, the manufacturer’s intentions do not define your destiny with the trailer you buy. You can go for a couple of upgrades and fine-tuning accessories to customise your trailer.

Did You Know That the Most Important Part in Your Automatic Gearbox Is Actually a Fluid?

If you own a car that is fitted with an automatic transmission, then you may often wonder what type of magic happens within this gearbox, in order to adjust the speed of the vehicle in accordance with road conditions. In truth, the ‘box is a very complex mechanical feature that relies on planetary gears, torque converters and clutch packs to operate in harmony and keep the vehicle moving, but one of the most important components is actually a liquid.

Could Your Battery Issues Be Caused by a Simple Switch?

How many car batteries have you purchased in the last few months? If you’re constantly running into trouble, dealing with a dead electrical system from time to time and finding that you have to get yet another replacement, then there is clearly something else wrong. A new battery should last for several years in an ideal situation, so you need to look more closely and find out what is triggering the issue.

Could Your Issues Be Caused by a Failing Driveshaft?

While most vehicles on the road today are either four-wheel-drive vehicles or driven by the front wheels, many still use the traditional approach and are propelled from the rear. This method relies on a complicated transmission system that has to work under a great deal of pressure at all times. Of course, sometimes things can go wrong and this can often be related to the primary driveshaft. If you know that something is wrong with your transmission but are not sure what it might be, how can you tell if the driveshaft is faulty?

Do You Know What's inside Your Radiator?

As you may know, your car’s engine is fully reliant on its cooling system due to the extreme temperatures encountered whenever the vehicle is in motion. The amount of liquid that must be pumped through the engine’s internal chamber is carefully regulated by the ECU, and it’s very important to ensure that the levels are always maintained carefully. In order to ensure this, you should pay a lot of attention to the radiator, as well as the type of fluid contained within the system.

Could Your A/C System Issues Be Caused by a Diminutive Sensor?

The modern-day automobile relies on a complicated array of sensors, switches, relays and other electronic devices. All of these components are connected to a central “brain” which helps to ensure that the vehicle is reliable, cost effective and safe. While many of these parts relate to engine performance and “on the road” drivability, others help to make life more comfortable for the occupants of the car. While these particular sensors will generally be reliable, issues can sometimes materialise, and if your A/C system is playing up, it could be down to a relatively diminutive component like the evaporator temperature sensor.

Repairing a Used Caravan That Suffers From Damp

When buying a used caravan, there are many things you should look for to make sure you get the best caravan possible. One of the most common, and most bothersome, problems older model caravans can have is the issue of damp. You can notice if the caravan is damp when you’re inspecting it before buying by looking out for strange smells and dark spots in the interior of the caravan.

5 Signs Your Car Is Leaking Brake Fluid

From a safety point of view, the brakes are your car’s most vital component, and they can’t function if they don’t have enough brake fluid. Also known as hydraulic fluid, brake fluid is necessary to move around the components that make up your car’s braking system. Without it, pushing down the brake pedal won’t do anything to stop the car. There are four main places your vehicle can leak brake fluid: the front brake caliper, the rear brake caliper, the brake line, and the brake master cylinder.

Power Steering Troubleshooting for Your Vehicle

Never overlook or ignore problems you might be having with your vehicle’s power steering, as even the smallest problem with steering can mean losing control of your vehicle while on the road, increasing your risk of an accident. As with all problems under the hood, a seemingly minor issue with power steering can also get worse with time, leading to costly repair bills.  While only a mechanic can determine what might be wrong with your vehicle’s power steering, note a few troubleshooting tips to keep in mind.

Do You Need a Protective Coating After Your Car is Painted in a Smash Repair? Here Are 3 Reasons Why the Answer is "Yes!"

If your car was in a smash-up that required major repair, repainting the damaged area (or even the whole vehicle) will probably be necessary. Whilst that new paint job will undoubtedly look great in the beginning, you need to consider what it might look like months or years down the road. One of the most effective ways to protect your car’s paint job is to have your smash repairs provider add a protective coating immediately after the paint is applied.

Criteria for Choosing an Auto Service Workshop to Avoid Voiding Your New Car Warranty

Whether you are contemplating buying a new car or you already own one, you definitely won’t want to forfeit the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty, which protects you against vehicle defects and certain repair issues that may arise within a specified period. The best way to preserve the warranty is to ensure your new acquisition is serviced or repaired according to the manufacturer’s requirements.  While you are not bound to return your car to exactly the same dealership where you purchased it for routine servicing or repair, you should follow the following criteria when choosing your car service shop to ensure your new car warranty stands.

Troubleshooting Tips for Car Transmission Problems

Many car experts agree that vehicle transmission failure has a direct or indirect connection to poor maintenance. Therefore, car owners need to institute a proper preventive maintenance program, which can help them avoid engine failures, reduce repair costs, and lessen vehicle downtime. Problems involving a car’s mechanical system do not occur overnight. You will experience signs and symptoms that will show that something is off with the car’s operation. With this in mind, this article examines some troubleshooting tips for car transmission problems.

Manual Transmission: Understanding the Common Problems and Suitable Solutions

Manual transmission vehicles are favoured by drivers because they provide more control over the driving process in comparison to the automatic alternative. However, while this design can offer a rewarding driving experience, it might also present some unique functional problems. If you have noticed malfunctions in your manual transmission, you should consider this short discussion on common issues and practical methods for resolution.  Clutch Slippage The clutch is designed to allow the transfer of power from the vehicle engine to the transmission.

What to look for when buying hydraulic equipment

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional garage, a mobile auto service or just doing some work fixing up a car at home, sometimes you just need to get that car off the ground. Thankfully, unlike the old days of heavy lifting and unreliable kit, hydraulic equipment has made the work as easy as picking up a feather. However, not all hydraulic equipment is built the same, and there are many things to think about before you hand over any money.

3 Ways To Reduce Your Car Service Costs

Cars that are properly maintained can serve their owners for a long time. However, unless you take proper precautions, your annual service costs can be very high. It is therefore essential to take steps to reduce your annual garage bill. Below are several tips that will enable you to reduce the amount of money you spend on car servicing. Follow the Owner’s Manual When purchasing a car, you are usually given an owner’s manual.

How Tow Bars Open Up Myriad Towing Possibilities for Your Car

A few car owners appreciate the various advantages that come with installing tow bars. The rest are probably not aware. Well, a tow bar, also known as a tow hitch, is a device fitted to the chassis of a car for towing purposes. It is permanently installed on your car; however, the tow ball can be detached when not towing anything. Tow bars essentially improve the functionality of your car in ways you could never have imagined.

What You Need to Know About Logbook Servicing for Your Vehicle

When you buy a new vehicle, it usually comes with a logbook, or a book that lists recommended service for the vehicle and when to have that service done over the years. It will also have room to note when such service was completed. If you buy a used vehicle, you can typically buy a blank logbook and fill it in yourself with this same information. If you’re new to vehicle ownership, or have always purchased used cars and don’t know why a logbook is used, note a few considerations about this book, so you know its purpose and how to make the most of it.

Spare Japanese Truck Parts Every Mechanic Should Keep on Hand

As a small mechanic shop, you will likely become very accustomed to working with the same car manufacturer brands over time. From time to time, however, you will likely run into instances where you will have a Japanese truck come in for repair. In these cases, you may find that certain Japanese truck parts are harder to find and have longer wait times on ordering than others. This means you will want to keep those parts on hand, and here are a few of them to consider.

3 Common Causes of Lean Check Engine Lights

The check engine light on your vehicle’s dashboard may light up in case the engine is running lean (too little fuel in the fuel/air mixture). This article discusses some of the factors that may trigger the lean codes to be registered by your vehicle’s control systems. Dirty Mass Airflow Sensors The MAF (mass airflow) sensor measures the volume of cool air that is entering the engine through the cold air intake system.

Trouble Signs in a Car Braking System

Your brakes are a vital part of your car’s safety and control mechanism. Brakes allow car drivers to slow down when travelling at high speeds and to bring the vehicle to a complete stop when parking. Being able to tell when something is wrong with your braking system will go a long way in ensuring you avoid complete brake failures, which can compromise your safety, that of your passengers, and that of other road users, but also result in costly repairs.

4 Important Checks Before You Buy a Used Freightliner

Are you shopping for a used freightliner truck to add to your fleet? Read on and discover some of the things that your mechanic should check before you buy a particular used truck. Analysis of Fluids Your mechanic should get samples of the different fluids, such as engine oil and differential oil, from the truck. These samples should then be analysed in order to identify whether any problems exist within the systems where those samples were taken from.

5 Money-Saving Strategies That Will Improve Your Car's Fuel Efficiency

The cost of fuel generally only goes up. Cash-strapped consumers often rely on their cars to get to work, so just getting off the road isn’t a realistic option. The good news is that there are things you can do to cut your fuel consumption without making drastic changes to your home and work arrangements. Learn how to make every tank of gas go as far as possible with these fuel-saving strategies.

Common Causes of Vehicle Engine Failure

A car’s engine will eventually fail, just like all other parts under the hood. However, neglecting needed car repairs and maintenance can often lead to early engine failure, and might also mean that your car runs rough or struggles to perform even while the engine is still working. Note a few of these common cause of vehicle engine failure that are the fault of the car owner, so you avoid them and so your car’s engine lasts as long as possible.

Yes, Your Car Does Need Transmission Repair!

If your car is having problems during shifting, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the transmission is in need of repair; for example, if you cannot get the car out of park, this may be the fault of a cable that connects the brake pedal to the shifter. This cable won’t allow you to shift out of park unless the car senses your foot on the brake; if this cable is broken, the car will be stuck, even though the transmission itself is fine.

3 Truck Problems That Are Easy to Misdiagnose

It’s easy to misdiagnose the cause of a problem you’re having with your vehicle, as many different parts will affect a vehicle’s steering, braking, performance, and overall handling. You may also hear noises from one part of the vehicle and assume that it’s a part in that area that is failing and causing that noise, when a completely different part may be in need of repair. Note a few tips for finding and addressing truck problems that are easy to misdiagnose, so you don’t waste time and money on unnecessary repairs.

The Benefits of Having a Car's Engine Rebuilt

Rebuilding a car’s engine is not as expensive as you might assume, and it can be the best choice for repairing or upgrading an older car, or any car with severe engine damage. If you’ve thought about engine rebuilding, note a few  benefits of this work and why it may be the right thing for your classic car, aging car, or damaged car. Better performance An aging engine, or a newer engine that has been damaged but which still runs, may struggle to perform as it should.

Why Your Vehicle's Battery Keeps Dying

Your vehicle’s battery will eventually die, simply from wear and tear and everyday use. Many car owners also know that extreme heat and cold can drain car batteries before their expected lifespan, which might make you wonder why your vehicle’s batteries keep dying even though you keep the car in the garage, or when live in an area with a more mild climate. Note a few other reasons why your vehicle’s battery always drains well before it should, so you can address these issues and stop wasting money and power on a recharge, or an entirely new battery altogether.

What to Expect When You Take Your Car In for Tyre and Wheel Servicing

By continuously turning while you are driving, your car’s tyres and wheels make it possible for you to travel wherever you need to go. However, your tyres and wheels bear the most brunt of everyday driving and will need to be taken for servicing on a periodic basis. If you would like to familiarise yourself with what happens when you take your car to the car servicing centre or mechanic shop for tyre and wheel servicing, keep reading on:

Two situations in which you should take your car to a mechanic immediately

There are some car problems which can safely be ignored for many weeks (or even months). However, should you notice any of the following symptoms, you should have your car examined and repaired by a mechanic immediately. An oil leak near the rear axle The rear axle houses a very important component known as the differential. This item is made of several metal gears, which work together to allow the car’s wheels to spin at different rates when the vehicle is turning a corner.